Fresh coffee delivered daily at your workplace or event

We run 3 mobile coffee vans, servicing central Christchurch and surrounding suburbs. Contact us today if you would like to be included in our daily run.

Coffee Skills - Mobile Coffee Christchurch

Coffee Skills Mobile Coffee Christchurch can cater for regular workplace coffee, workplace shouts, construction sites, events, offices, roadworks sites, sporting events and anywhere else mobile coffee is needed.  Located in Central Christchurch, Anna and the team can now deliver you one of their delicious mobile coffees at your work place or event.

We are always looking to move into more areas so please enquire to lock in your regular coffee time.

Delivering Excellent Mobile Coffee

Coffee Skills Mobile Coffee Christchurch provides excellent takeaway coffee delivered to you or served at your next event, big or small

The Product

The Beans: Locally roasted & Certified Organic by Hummingbird Coffee, the blends chosen are  reflective of the best product available to us at the particular time of year. As Coffee is a seasonal product, and it changes throughout the year,  Anna works alongside  Hummingbirds’ roasters through these seasonal changes to choose a blend,  ensuring we always deliver an exceptional product.

We always endeavour to serve a full flavoured coffee which has good ‘cut’ through in the milk, focusing on strength and flavour in the larger cups in particular, so you never get a “milky weak” coffee. Some of the blends used are:

Re:start: Medium to dark roast. Nutty, chocolaty notes with just enough zing (acidity) to keep it lively, yet smoothly balanced.

Oomph: Medium roast. Amazing body and sweetness with well-balanced acidity. Full flavour with milk chocolate notes and a sweet and clean finish.

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We use Anchor milk which has been selected with a good protein and fat content giving it excellent flavour in the cup, not overpowering the coffee, but adding to the sweetness. Our coffees are served at 65degrees, unless otherwise requested, as this is the optimum temperature for flavour.

The Cups: Small 8oz, Large 12oz and Xtra Large 16oz (triple shot optional). Our funky, custom made Coffee Skills cups are made by Ecoware from sustainable resources with a plant based lining, giving them a lower carbon footprint than other takeaway coffee cups. We also welcome you to bring your own cup, even better for the Earth!.

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The Owner

Anna Brooker has worked with coffee since leaving school. As a barista for many years at Perry’s Cafe on Madras St, then in Sydney on Manly’s Northern Beaches. After many years working in hospitality, Anna worked for one of Sydney’s leading Coffee Companies as a ‘Coffee Support Manager’ where she travelled all over Sydney (and subsequently Australia) to work with their customers on coffee quality, machine maintenance, promotions and more. While there Anna also completed her “trainer and assessor’ qualification and became a Certified SCAA Lead Instructor”

Upon moving back to Christchurch, Anna worked with Hummingbird Coffee as a barista trainer and we continue to have an excellent relationship with them. Anna is highly passionate and dedicated to preparing and serving outstanding coffee. She will give you tips and tricks while you wait too! can’t switch the trainer off!

“It is my promise to only serve coffee at the same quality that I would drink myself, there is no compromise on quality no matter who it is for or how busy we are”

The Baristas

All of our baristas have vast knowledge and experience working within the hospitality sector, with a strong focus on coffee, management and customer service. Our team have worked as barista trainers, and are highly dedicated to giving you a great experience not just with the coffee but customer service also. We are a friendly approachable team and if there is ever an issue we encourage you to speak to us so we can fix it.

Coffee Skills Training – Book one on one, or get a friend or two together for barista training. We can travel* to you with one of our vans. Using commercial coffee machines and grinders, learn from the basics right through to latte art. Our express courses are all ‘hands on’, so you get the best value for your time and money. Domestic training on your own equipment can also be arranged. *Travel charges may apply.